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Effective and Ethical Communication with Seniors


This course brings the discussion of ethics down to the practical level of direct interaction and service to your senior client. 

This course raises issues of ethical communication so that you can consider what thoughts and actions you might take to bring your professional behaviour in line with the ethical ideal. Communicating ethically will help you build rapport and trust with your senior client that will result in referrals and long-standing business relationships. Conducting yourself ethically is good for you, your client, and your business. 


Chapter 1: Self-Awareness as a Professional Tool:
The fundamental issues of personal values, beliefs, and intentions regarding your professional life

Chapter 2: Get to Know the Senior's World:
The two developmental tasks of aging and the importance of relationship marketing to seniors

Chapter 3: How Change Affects Your Senior Client:
The three stages of transition that accompany change and the impact of stress on decision-making

Chapter 4: The Power of Questions:
How to structure questions to gather the most helpful information

Chapter 5: Building Rapport with your Senior Client:
Strategies to help you connect with your client

Chapter 6: Assessing Your Senior Client's Needs:
A needs assessment tool to help your client set clear and useful goals

Chapter 7: Facilitating Effective Group Communication:
A model to help people in groups communicate clearly

Chapter 8: Planning Successful Meetings with Your Senior Client:
How to plan meetings that foster rapport, trust, and productivity

This is an in-depth course that will have a lasting impact on those who work, or plan to work with, the seniors market.

Format: Online

No. of Pages: 103 pages

BC CE Credits: 10 hours

AB CE Credits: 10 hours Life, 10 hours A&S

SK CE Credits: 10 hours

MB CE Credits: 10 hours ***

ON CE Credits: 10 hours

QC CE Credits: 0 hours

CFP®: 10

*** Entry of CE for the same course more than once may be permitted on an exception basis only. If an agent wishes to claim credit for a course more than once, the agent must contact Council for prior approval and provide written reasons. This review is subject to the individual course review fee of $50. Please refer to https://www.icm.mb.ca/files/Renewal_2018/Renewal_2018/FAQs_for_website_for_renewal_-_updated_March_2018.pdf for more information.