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Ethical Decision Making


The behaviour of financial advisors has never been under the scrutiny it is now. Learn the factors that make up personal and professional ethics, principles and responsibilities that are essential to you as a member of the financial-services industry.

This course will provide you with the professional ethics and responsibilities that are essential to you as a trusted professional of the financial-services industry. Includes helpful case studies.

Format: Online

No. of Pages: 22 pages

IIROC: 5 Compliance hours

BC CE Credits: 4 hours

AB CE Credits: 0 hrs

SK CE Credits: 4 hours

MB CE Credits: 4 hours ***

ON CE Credits: 4 hours


CFP®: 4

Advocis: 4 hours

*** Entry of CE for the same course more than once may be permitted on an exception basis only. If an agent wishes to claim credit for a course more than once, the agent must contact Council for prior approval and provide written reasons. This review is subject to the individual course review fee of $50.