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Leveraged Investing


This course will provide you with a solid base of understanding about leverage – what it is, how to take advantage of leveraged investment opportunities, and how to avoid its pitfalls in order to determine how and whether your clients can benefit from its use.

Leveraged investing is a powerful strategy employed by investors, some of whom see tremendous success by magnifying their investment returns – and some of whom suffer serious losses. Topics covered include:

  • The role of loans in leveraged investing;
  • How leverage works in the context of a margin account;
  • The use of leverage in life insurance products;
  • Risks of leveraging;
  • Methods of reducing risk;
  • How to assess client suitability for leveraged investing.

Format: Online

No. of Pages: 42 pages

BC CE Credits: 4 hours

AB CE Credits: 4 hours Life

SK CE Credits: 4 hours

MB CE Credits: 4 hours

ON CE Credits: 4 hours

CFP®: 4

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