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Money and Marriage: The Financial Effects of Pre-nups, Common Law, and Marriage


Once two people are married, they must consider their joint financial life. They will have legal and fiscal obligations to each other, whether they are legally married or in a common-law relationship. 

As couples first contemplate moving in together, financial issues are usually not a concern – other than the appealing idea of sharing the cost of rent and household bills. For many couples, neither should they be. Young couples who begin living together while they are still in university or recently graduated have many individual financial issues facing them, such as repaying student loans or being able to buy a car. They think of their own finances and financial needs first. But, with maturity and if children are born, the days of financial irresponsibility come to an end. This course will describe these responsibilities, so that a financial advisor can better fulfill their Know Your Client and suitability requirements.

Once two people in a relationship start to consider themselves as a couple who will address their life and its challenges from a joint viewpoint of shared needs and responsibilities, their thoughts should turn to their financial life. A couple should understand their obligations to each other whether in a common-law relationship or legally married. Money and Marriage will describe these responsibilities in order that a financial advisor understands the needs of such couples more accurately and thus fulfills know your client and suitability requirements.

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