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Psychology of Investing


Psychology of Investing takes Know Your Client to a deeper level where the real motivations that drive client action and inaction occur and decisions may be made for reasons of which even the client is unaware. 

Every bias is placed within the advisor/investor context so the advisor can learn how to best manage client investment behaviour. It is important for recommendations of suitability that the investment advisor recognize the psychological motivations of the investor and take them into account.This course reviews the personality types and many of the psychological biases that can have an effect on investing and decision-making behaviour.

Case studies illustrating biases complete the course.

Format: Online

No. of Pages: 70 pages

IIROC: 6.0 CECAP Professional Development hours

BC CE Credits: 6 hours

AB CE Credits: 6 hours Life

SK CE Credits: 6 hours

MB CE Credits: 6 hours

ON CE Credits: 6 hours

CFP®: 6

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