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Retirement Planning Strategies


With the economy in questionable shape, more people are expressing deep concern about what kind of income they will have in retirement or whether they will be able to retire at all. 

This course is ideal for the advisor who seeks an overview of sources of retirement and the techniques of retirement planning to help meet the needs of this growing group of clients. It reviews the basics of retirement planning, the government’s income-security programs, private pension plans, RRSPs and their maturity options, retirement investments, retirement tax-planning and deferral, estate planning, and the uses of insurance in retirement.

Whether you are already dealing with the retirement needs of a number of clients or anticipate more demands in this area in the future, Retirement Planning Strategies provides a concise review of the necessary financial considerations.

Format: Online

No. of Pages: 130 pages

BC CE Credits: 15 hours

AB CE Credits: 14 hours Life, 1 A&S

SK CE Credits: 15 hours

MB CE Credits: 15 hours

ON CE Credits: 15 hours

CFP®: 15

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