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Compliance and the Senior Client


This course will assist advisors in sorting through the many tricky professional, regulatory, and even legal issues that are bound to arise in serving the senior consumer.

At this point, those over 65 make up 15% of the Canadian population. By 2030, seniors are expected to comprise 25%. Dealing with these senior clients will present some challenging compliance issues. 

A review of the more typical violations of suitability, as well as added issues, such as advance-care planning, dealing with families, and privacy laws will add new layers of complexity to the practice of any advisor.

Format: Online

No. of Pages: 110

BC CE Credits: 10 hours

AB CE Credits: 7 hours life

SK CE Credits: 10 hours

MB CE Credits: 10 hours

ON CE Credits: 10 hours


IIROC: 10 Compliance/PD hours