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Working with Senior Clients


The effect retirement and estate planning will have on seniors’ lives in their later years means advisors must become knowledgeable in those areas. 

It is news to no one that the baby boomers are hitting their senior years. By 2030, seniors are expected to comprise 25% of the population. It is essential that advisors make themselves familiar with the particular needs of their senior clients, if they are to handle their Know Your Client and Know Your Product professional responsibilities, and the overriding need to be conscious at all times of suitability in their recommendations. 

New to many advisors will be the tricky area of “capacity” in their clients and dealing with families that must get more and more involved in the affairs of their loved ones. You will have to consider the capacity in your clients and increased dealings with families, both of which involve privacy laws and other legal pitfalls.

Working with Senior Clients will provide an overview of the professional, regulatory, and even legal issues surrounding an advisor's relationship with their clients in this rapidly growing demographic.

Format: Online

No. of Pages: 99 pages

IIROC: 10 CECAP Professional Development hours