Financial Planning

Financial Planning 1 Reading Course®

FP 1 provide the knowledge you need to qualify for the CSI’s Professional Financial Planning (PFP)® designation.

Enrollment Period: All course material will remain available for 6 months from the purchase date.

Financial Planning 1 (FP 1) covers budgeting, debt management, and constructing and analyzing personal financial statements, including taxes, investments, retirement, wills, and insurance. This is the second course in the CSI’s Personal Financial Planner (PFP)® program.

Oliver’s FP 1 and FP 2 study materials are designed to support the Financial Planning 1 and Financial Planning 2, and do not constitute the actual enrolment in the course. Students must enroll with the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) in order to write the FP 1 and FP 2 exams.

Study Notes provides:

  • Course content using everyday language
  • Easy-to-follow outlines of key concepts
  • Illustrations and examples
  • Summaries for each of the 4 modules 
  • Over 200 flashcards with open-ended questions

Exam Prep includes:

  • Questions that follow the content, format, and difficulty of actual exam questions
  • Module tests to review key concepts
  • A practice exam to assess knowledge and exam readiness


Financial Planning FP1 Study Notes (Online)
Financial Planning FP1 Exam Prep (Online)
Financial Planning FP1 Study Notes (Print + Online)